Illustrated representation of four group interviews about gender-based violence experienced by women that live in the urban complex of 16 favelas known collectively as Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Project: Resisting Violence, Creating Dignity: negotiating Violence Against Women and Girls through community history-making in Rio de Janeiro (2019-2021), is a research project created by partnership between King’s College London, Redes da Maré, People’s Palace Projects and UFRJ.  
Client: King’s College London and People’s Palace Projects
Sponsorship: British Academy and Global Challenges Research Fund
Project Manager: Renata Peppl
Mediator of meetings and interviews: Julia Leal
Ilustrations: Mila de Choch
What are the different types of gender-based violence that women from Maré have lived and still experience, inside and outside of the community? Four groups of female residents within different age groups and life experiences were invited to share their thoughts and collectively consider better paths towards the future.

The meetings were in person at Casa das Mulheres, from Redes da Maré institution, between February and March of 2021. During each session, I sketched facial expressions, details from clothes and hand movements, and wrote down important phrases that were said.

The illustrated results visually represent the themes that each group discussed. The illustrations were created based loosely on the participants, who remained anonymous. 

The biggest challenge was choosing the focus point within each session to be illustrated, when everything that was shared felt important to represent. With Renata's orientation, we focused on the differences between each group and how they created networks of support and self care habits to deal with all these memories.
First group
Second group
Third group
Fourth group
Sketches from the interviews
Illustration process: from sketch/linework to choosing colour pallete and refining details. The originals were made in portuguese and translated after.

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